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2016 Macbook Retina Vs. 2015 Macbook Air

macbook 2016 vs macbook air

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2016 macbook retina vs 2015 macbook air

NCash – laptop pawnshop in the Philippines.

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If you need an ultraportable Mac, then you need either the 12-inch Retina MacBook, or a MacBook Air. But which one is best for you? The head-to-head comparison video below between the latest MacBook and a 13-inch MacBook Air from 2015 will help you decide.

Despite serving similar purposes, Apple’s slimmest MacBooks are very different beasts. While one sacrifices some practicality for an incredibly attractive and unbelievably slim form factor, the other maintains a bit of bulk to be more versatile.

Both machines have their strengths and weaknesses, then — and we get a good look at these in the head-to-head comparison video below from AppleInsider, which should help you decide which one is worth your hard-earned cash.

Apple Macbook 2016 vs 2015 Macbook Air

As highlighted in the comparison, the biggest reasons to buy a 12-inch MacBook are its stunning display, its Force Touch trackpad, and its cutting-edge form factor, which makes it the prettiest notebook money can buy today. But it comes with lots of downsides.

Not only is the 12-inch MacBook more expensive than the MacBook Air, but it’s also held back by the fact that it’s slower (if only slightly), and has just one USB-C port. The MacBook Air, on the other hand, has two traditional USB ports, a Thunderbolt port, and a card reader.

If you can live without the MacBook’s looks and display, then, it seems the MacBook Air is the better option. It’s going to provide you with more power, it has a slightly larger screen, it lasts longer in between charges, and it doesn’t require pricey USB-C adapters.


Article taken from iphonehacks.com. Via AppleInsider

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