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Why Transact with N-CASH?

N-CASH is the pioneer in the electronics and personal items pawnshop industry in the Philippines. With hundreds of thousands of successful transactions since 2006, we provide the highest quality of service here in the Philippines.

We Pay Instant Cash 

In need of an immediate fund? We pay cash on the spot. Transactions are done in minutes. No waiting time, no complicated process, no next-day fund release policy. Always remember, N-CASH means INSTANT CASH.


Face-to-face Transactions

Your precious belongings will be inspected right in front of you by qualified appraisers. No hocus-pocus, no guesswork. Avoid horror stories of other pawnshops damaging your item during appraisal or interchanging your item with another.


All Items are Sealed

Your item will not be used while in our possession. Period. We value our clients’ trust. That’s why our staff will seal your item right in front of you, with your signature, ensuring that it will not be tampered with while in our possession. No other pawnshop will provide that security. Do you have confidential files in your Macbook or Samsung phone? No need to do a reformat before bringing it in since it will be sealed upfront to guarantee a worry-free transaction. N-CASH isn’t Manila’s trusted pawnshop for nothing.


Secured Storage

No need to worry where your precious Rolex, Chanel, or iPhone will stay. We provide secured storage. Best of all, as long as it is during our office hours, you may check on your item anytime. We take pride in the proper safekeeping of your items.


No Hidden Charges

Since we started, we have had one of the most competitive, if not the lowest, monthly interest rates. More so, our loans are renewable each and every month. Have you found a pawnshop that has a lower published rate than ours? More often than not, these pawnshops have hidden charges (i.e. service charge, storage fee, etc.) or misleading stipulations to deceive people into thinking that they actually charge less than N-CASH.

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